We are a UFDC doll club that celebrates and admires all doll makers, young and old, from all over the world. This year marks the 45th year of doll collecting. Our members are passionate about dolls and doll related items.

In 1971 we were a small group of 8 members sharing our collections, talents and dreams. Today we are a devoted group and proud members of the United Federation of Doll Clubs, with high goals, sharing our passion through doll shows, on-line communications, monthly gatherings and a yearly luncheon.

Through our dolls you can see history as they unfold their story through fashion, hair styles and captivating facial features. Since the Stone Age man has been making dolls, first through carved stone, fabric, metals and wood. Today we see images made of resin, other plastics, porcelain and other man made materials. So, we can carry on the art and the desire of the passion of dolls.

WELCOME to our world!





Jane Blanton

Vice President

Alice White


Lorraine Rothwell


Helen Ippolito

Show Events

Joanne Collazo

Social Media


Media / Advertising

Lynda Camomilli


Joanne Collazo


Linda Lesperance

Club Memoirs

Alice White


Alice White


Jane Blanton


For membership information contact Jane Blanton.